October 31, 2020

What is success to you?

Times are changing. You only have to think back a year or two to see how things have shifted. You’re changing with them, whether you realize it or not. Think for a moment about the goals you have right now compared to the goals you made the last time the New Year rolled around. Are they still the same? Have you had to adjust your expectations? You’re probably still looking for success, but is it the same vision you had before?


So, to understand success, you first have to understand yourself.  Why? 

Because everyone’s going to have a different definition of success. Sure, some people might take the view of success as being what they see on TV, complete with a big house, amazing car, and celebrity and accolades heaped upon them. But is this what you want? Maybe it is. Most people crave financial stability, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting a nice house or car. But what else do you want?

Think about this: Success is tied up more in happiness than in bank statements. Ask yourself when was the last time you were truly happy?

Would you say some sort of success was behind this feeling? Chances are it was—most feelings of happiness spring from the completion of a goal or the re-affirmation of a goal completed.

For example, if something your spouse did made you feel happy, you have just re-affirmed you’re in a successful relationship. If you had a great day at work, it might be that what made this day particularly great was how much you got done.

Let’s examine a couple of ideas about success:

Successful People are Fearless

Fearlessness doesn’t mean you’re entirely without fear. It is the refusal to cave in to fear and make it your master. The fearless individual is the one who has enough confidence to throw themselves out there and attempt new things, without letting the ‘shoulds’ and ‘maybes’ in life to knock them flat. Instead, they charge ahead with passion and self-assurance, knowing that even if they fail, they’re not going to be crushed by it. If you were to ask someone who’s fearless about failure, they would likely tell you failure is nothing more than discovering a way that didn’t work.

In today’s world, this fearlessness is still highly valued. You’re going to need it if you intend to set out after your goals. But you’ll see it manifest more in adaptability and vulnerability, which we’ll talk about more in the next chapter.

Successful People Believe in Themselves

  • Positive self-talk is not quite the same thing as self-belief. Self-belief is having confidence in your ability to get things done.
  • New Success calls for a more in-depth study of yourself. To succeed, you need to know yourself thoroughly and have worked through the issues which lead to a negative self-image. Only by coming to accept yourself, can you find the real confidence which leads to success. This takes you beyond the old methods of success, such as having an ability to understand trends, or being quick to adapt to new situations. You need to examine your inner beliefs and how those beliefs affect success.

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Your happiness is within reach and is only waiting for you to decide that you’re ready for change. It’s time to seize the day, and to discover the habits that will make happiness your way of life!


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About the author 

Shawna Roch

Shawna Roch is an International Leader, Mindset & Sales Success Coach, Founder of the Aligned Selling Method. She has 25+ years of sales and marketing experience in a highly competitive, male-dominated industry. She is an Advanced Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer, and has Certifications in Universal Laws and Numerology; she is a Level II Usui Reiki Practitioner.

She is passionate about inspiring and empowering others to thrive in their businesses and share their big vision with the world. She helps them to move through fear, doubt, and uncertainty so that they can confidently sell in a way that feels as Easy as Having A Conversation.

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