~Selling is Serving~

Hello my name is Shawna Roch I help Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs to transcend their limiting beliefs around selling, create a new money story, and embrace the mindset of selling is serving so that they can confidently sell their products programs and services in a way that feels as easy as having a conversation.

After 25+ years of Sales and Marketing generating millions of dollars in revenue for others, in a highly competitive male-dominated industry, even though I was a top sales generator year after year, earned countless awards it was time for me to resign.

I found myself at a point in my life, in a Career I had once loved, reflecting on what I used to be passionate about, why was it that I was no longer passionate. How did I lose my sparkle and why was this career path no longer working for me or my family.  It was no longer working because management changed, the environment changed and more to the point I changed. I was no longer aligned with the work I was doing, through my own personal transformation I fell in love with the coaching industry, it was time for me to shift my sales experience and help others.  Sales came so naturally to me, so it took a few conversations with coaches struggling in their business for me to realize I can help.   

I had the courage to leave my job because I had started a self mastery journey a couple of months prior and through numerology, learning my Power Code I discovered how to reclaim my power, I now understood my gifts and blessings, also my obstacles. I reconnected to my personal genius zone "Sales" and could not wait to ignite my Superpower!

“Even though in this moment I don’t know how powerful I am, I feel the power from within wanting to ignite" ~Shawna Roch~ April 2018

Over the years of self mastery, I became a Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer, Certified Universal Laws Coach, Certified in Numerology, Certified Level II Usui Reiki Practitioner,   I knew what my purpose was and  I have been on this amazing journey of discovery and learning.  Journeys have bumps in the road, there may be a few twists and turns, I have definitely had my fair share, but the beautiful part is you don't have to figure it out alone.  With the right coaching and tools, it makes it so much easier to navigate the bumps, the twists and the turns with ease and flow.  

My Mindset:

  • Invest in yourself
  • Embrace your personal power 
  • Master your emotions
  • Take consistent inspired action
  • Share your big vision with the world!

Live, Love, Laugh & Learn

I’ve got your back!

Much Love,

Shawna Roch

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