Kind Words

Working with Shawna you know she wants to know you. Not just the you that you show people, but the you, you keep secret. She is a master at getting that information. She listens and asks the questions you haven’t even thought of. She cares about you, your family and your business.

She helps you see your vision in a different way which allows you to grow as a person and as a business owner. Shawna has been instrumental in the growth of our business. I can’t say enough.

Melissa McQuade - Shift Air Mechanical

I have been blessed with the opportunity to grow with Shawna directly in a work environment. In the HVAC industry, which is male dominant, being a woman is a challenge of it’s own.  She was extremely patient and knowledgeable when it came to learning and understanding new products.

She taught me how to do my job well, but also how to deal with situations when your own personal strength is required. She was easy to talk with and learn from, and the time we spent together was valuable. Not only for where it helped me grow within my job, but the opportunity to spend time with her extremely enjoyable. I miss seeing her in the office, but am grateful to be able to call her a friend in life.

Miriah Sabourin

I have known Shawna for over 8 years and can attest to Shawna's hard work and dedication to everything she invests her time in to.
She is someone who is honest and kind, with a caring nature and natural leadership skills.

Shawna is such a bright and energetic person whose sparkly personality shines through. Her confidence & positivity is contagious. Spend a few minutes talking with Shawna and you will walk away feeling self-assured that you can accomplish anything!

Michelle Martin - Design Air


If you want to learn to master the sales process in a way that is not only effective but comfortable and genuine you will never find a better coach than Shawna. I guarantee that if you trust Shawna and follow her process, you will improve as a sales professional in ways you never thought possible.

Eric Jackier - Coach, Author, Speaker Success Principles Trainer 


Shawna is an excellent facilitator/trainer and a wealth of knowledge

She has had a lot of life experience to draw upon to help her help her clients. I find that she has a way about her which makes everyone feel comfortable, connected and welcome to participate and express their ideas and questions. She takes time to address each person involved to ensure that everyone has their questions addressed.  Shawna is very thorough, organized and brings very good examples from her past experiences to help demonstrate the topic being presented. I would highly recommend Shawna to anyone looking to move forward in their personal and business development.

Shelley Hagen - Trainer / Real Estate Investor


Shawna puts her heart and soul into sharing her wisdom and experience. She does it with such enthusiasm that you don't even realize you've released what's blocked you from selling. She simplifies aligning with selling so fluidly that right away you excitedly begin practicing your invitation to share your service and value what you're worth. Absolutely recommend paying attention to everything Shawna has to offer. You'll be celebrating your growth before you know it and believing in your ability to sell just as easy as having a conversation.

Joe Bowman - Coach, Success Principles Trainer 


" Shawna, as you are aware I've done more than my share of programs to help develop my business and honestly your program is the first one that I really wanted to commit to showing up and doing the work all the time. You deliver the content professionally but never boring or condescending, you ensure that the growing & learning experience is valuable and still fun. Your amazing energy, compassion, understanding and knowledge of what we are wanting to accomplish in our businesses is outstanding. Thank you so much!❤️💎" 

Colleen Bruce Personal Coach


I highly recommend Shawna Roch as your Mindset & Sales Success Coach. Her approach to selling is unique, practical and fun, and her devotion to your success helps you shift whatever is in the way of selling. Shawna guides you through her step-by-step program, combining lessons with practice sessions for you to learn to embrace and enjoy the sales conversations with your prospective clients. Selling is Serving is the perfect mantra for the Aligned Selling Method."

Pamela Lynch - Scared Writing Expert and Spiritual Librarian, SourceCode Publishing


Shawna’s Coaching group came along just when I needed it. It brought me magical ease in getting super clear about how to launch my products. This clarity gave me more confidence.

Having been a teacher for more than 20 years, I really appreciated Shawna’s teaching style. She used mapping, and provided templates and samples to facilitate our ability to integrate the material and apply it to our businesses.  She also incorporated extra practice sessions with feedback for sales conversations. It was interactive and fun.  Yes, she made talking about sales fun! 

Susan Hayes - Keynote Speaker, Author, Advanced Certified Mindset Coach


Shawna uses real practical actionable techniques and conversations that did into what and how we feel about sales, selling and the integrity of what we are offering, as a seasoned sales professional I found the content in the aligned selling method not only inviting, but a repeatable process that can be tailored to any product or client. 

Echo Pelster - Keynote Speaker, Author, Coach


Shawna's expertise and capabilities are obvious from her sales track record. What she brings forward as an instructor is so much more than that. Her compassionate, generous, truly caring approach leaves no one behind in this intimate group. She encourages, refines, and makes sure that everyone understands the concepts, & practices what they have learned. Her presentations are funny, entertaining, and full of actionable learning. I went from complete resistance to the concept of an avatar, to embracing and building a heart connection with my Aligned Client profile(s) which are helping direct my efforts moving forward. Thank you Shawna!

Janet Roessler - Creator, Artist, Trainer at Inner Voices Outer Vision 


When it comes to selling with service, Shawna, you are the Queen, my friend! You are a caring and inspiring coach with a beautiful soul.  It’s been an incredible journey learning the ABCs of serving others from your heart, but most importantly, the shifts I made in my life have been valuable. Your program has taught me so many lessons, from taking charge of my life to bringing my confidence level to be on a high vibration. I am grateful to have had this incredible opportunity to learn from the BEST. My heart is filled with gratitude. You are a caring coach, an inspiring leader, and a beautiful friend. 

Linda Foote - Essential Oil Educator and Vision Board Mentor for Women


Shawna is an amazing Mindset & Sales Success Coach

The Aligned Sales Method is a different way to look at selling. Shawna has a way of breaking down the process into bite-size pieces that come together so simply. You are changing your mindset around the idea of selling. I always felt icky at the thought. During the program, I learned that what I am offering has value to really make a difference in someone's life. As I am having a conversation with a person and sharing my talent. They can choose to invest or not. Either way, it's not about me. Shawna has a way of believing in you and helping you believe in yourself. She has made me excited to share my membership and began getting members.

Michelle Den Boer - Wellness Mentor / Mom to Mom's


Shawna you are a wealth of knowledge and I love all you have done for me!

If you are ready to make a change in your life, don’t overlook this opportunity. I have 

learned so much through this training to improve my life. One major take away is, “if you are not in complete alignment you cannot move forward” no matter what! Through this training I have chosen to make my life and those around me positive and loving each and every day.

Creating a world where nobody is left behind…. 

Susan Marie Hagel - Entrepreneur

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