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Success doesn't just happen by accident, we have to make it happen on purpose.


Once you have mastered this, your dreams are yours for the taking!

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“Are you ready to Master Your Sales Conversation?"

I'm curious do you have a program, product or service to sell and yet you feel uncomfortable when it comes to selling?

It is possible you are struggling with sales in your business?  Perhaps you're losing confidence in yourself to make money doing what you love? Have you been taking course after course, doing all the things, and still not having the results you desire?

Imagine. . .

What would it feel like to have confidence and sell from your heart, by simply having a casual conversation.

How would it feel to have mastered the art of having a sales conversation in 3 simple steps. 

How would it feel to connect and build relationships with your aligned clients by embracing Selling is Serving. 

Imagine working with a Coach who during her 25 year career in Sales and Marketing, in a Male Dominated Industry generated Million of Dollars, and was top sales rep year after year.  All because she did it her way, the way that came natural for her by connecting with people, building relationship after relationship, you see selling is serving and it as easy as having a conversation! 

For Those Wanting Success!

Many things can hold you back from success and reaching your goals. I don’t know if any of them are as disastrous as lack of confidence, though.

Confidence is that guiding light that helps you accept failure and move on. It’s the little voice that tells you, “You can do this!” when everything around you seems to be crumbling.

If you struggle with confidence, this workbook was meant for you. Let’s not waste any more time, if you want to become the more confident version of yourself Click on "YES PLEASE and get started today"

Don't know where to start?

Kind Words

Shelley Hagen

Entrepreneur/Real Estate Investor

Shawna is an excellent Coach facilitator/trainer and a wealth of knowledge.  She has had a lot of life experience to draw upon to help her her students.  I would highly recommend Shawna 

Michelle Den Boer

Wellness Mentor 

Shawna is an amazing Coach. Her talent of being nurturing as well as gently pushing you is a great combination as you are discovering your true potential and stepping out of your comfort zone.

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