Overcome Your Financial Fears so that you can Start Making the Income You Deserve!

Whether you’re scared to make money or scared you won’t, it’s time to release your financial fears!

Get out of your own way and kiss the negative self-speak goodbye, disarm your “financial triggers” and make way for way more money.

Question: Are you living the life of your dreams, paying your bills easily (and automatically) and (maybe best of all) able to book a vacation (or two!) on a whim?

Let’s see. If right now your life is like this…

You’re confidently launching new offers to an email list at prices you’re excited about and your customers happily pay.

Your prices feel completely aligned with what you believe your work is worth.

You have an incredible team who supports you–and who you support back with the cashflow from your business.

You recognize your worth and you’re not afraid to ask for what you want when it comes to cash.

Your bank account balance always has a healthy number of zeroes in it, and you know that not only did you earn every penny, but you deserve it.

…you probably don’t need to keep reading this page.

But if instead, you feel like you’re robbing Peter to pay Paul every month, or you’re constantly racking up new debt that makes you feel like a failure or you regularly question what you’re doing financially, you’re right where you need to be.

Here’s the deal: If you’re constantly thinking thoughts like…

“You have to work really hard if you want to make good money.”

“If I get rich, everybody will want to borrow from me.”

“Rich people are jerks.”

“Money is the root of all evil. Better to be broke and humble, then rich and greedy.”

“I never have enough.”

“It doesn’t matter how much money I make. I’ll spend it all regardless.”

“I’m scared to even open my bills.”

“There’s no way MY business could ever bring in that much money per month.”

“I don’t understand how other coaches/entrepreneurs make so much.”

“No one would pay me THAT.”

….then you are literally blocking your own success.

There’s a silver lining here, though. Because at the end of the day…

Money Isn't The Problem.  Fear is The Problem

Not to burst your bubble, but the truth is that we’re our own worst enemies when it comes to money.

It’s not your clients, other shiny & successful entrepreneurs or even “the world” that’s keeping you down (at least not completely!).

It’s your own beliefs about who you are and what you’re capable of that are holding you back–big time.

Worse? These beliefs can affect your business–and your bottom line–a million different, sneaky ways.

Maybe you stall when it comes to making financial decisions, like waiting way too long to raise your rates or let that one not-so-fun (and definitely not lucrative) client go.

Maybe you don’t feel like you can give or receive money with ease–you’re uncertain about spending and just as insecure about receiving (money or even just support and help!).

Maybe you constantly beating yourself up over your past money missteps–like that time you paid $12k for a flashy business coach or invested $500 in designer shoes that haven’t been worn…ever. #cringey

Maybe you even think you’re “doing well”…until you hop on IG, see a few other coaches talking about their lucrative launches & instantly feel like a failure who “should” be further along when it comes to your money (and the number of “k’s” you pull in each month).

Don’t get me wrong: Fears and doubts around the almighty dollar are normal.

But…every lingering fear, doubt and limiting belief is blocking you from attracting the abundance you desire and living the life you deserve with a business you love.

It’s true: Your limiting beliefs–many that were established erroneously in early childhood–become major stumbling blocks when trying to create a profitable, successful business.

The But there's good news . . .

You Can Transform Your Fears, Become a Confident CEO & Allow Your Full Income Potential to Flow!

Think of it like this. . . 

You’re at a dog park and see a dog you want to approach–but you’re scared. Maybe you’ve been bitten in the past, maybe you just don’t get dogs or maybe you’re unsure how to properly approach a dog this size/breed/you-name-it.

If the dog can sense your fear or reluctance, it might walk away…or worse.

But if you approach the very same pooch with an open hand (and maybe a treat for good measure), it’ll come right up to you, lick your hand and probably become your new, fluffy best friend.

However…if you’ve ever been chomped on by the dog in the park, you’re probably not going to waltz up to it with your palm out, are you?

Instead, you’re going to cower, hide, or just generally exude a vibe that you’re not here for it.

So the dog will either ignore you, you’ll ignore it…or you’ll approach it in a weird way and turn it off completely.

Sounds reasonable, right?

What I’m getting at is this: It’s not the dog that’s the issue. It’s your fear of the dog.

Because if you could just learn to overcome your fears and ideas about what this dog might do, or could do, or probably will do just because another dog has in the past…

….you could completely change your relationship with dogs.

Luckily, you can change your relationship with dogs if you want–and you can do the very same thing with your money.

Re-Wiring Your Brain Can Happen In Far Less Time Than You Think!

With just a little time and effort, you can actually change your internal filter and create a new, more positive mindset around money, abundance and all things finances.

A mindset where you recognize your own worth–and charge accordingly.

 A mindset where you receive with ease and spend without a panic attack.

And a mindset where you trust deeply & fully in yourself and your ability to bring in the money you need to support yourself, your business and your dreamiest dream lifestyle.

It’s possible. (And it’s actually required if you really want to operate like a confident CEO.)

And that’s where I come in.

Introducing . . .

Money Empowerment: How to Release Your Fears and Limiting Beliefs to Create an Elevated CEO Mindset

In this step-by-step course, you’ll learn to kick the money shame in your brain to the curb and get rid of negative financial habits holding you back, so you can finally make mental, emotional and physical space for money to find its way into your wallet (where it should be) and operate your business and life like a cash-confident CEO.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Get real about what’s holding you back financially so you can stop avoiding the problem and start tackling it head-on
  • Practically adjust not just your behaviors, but your beliefs about the money you earn so you start to deeply believe you deserve more
  • Get rid of the clutter that’s blocking your abundance with tangible tools and techniques
  • Rewire your brain to create new neural pathways to create ample wealth in every area of your life
  • Replace bad money habits with abundance-attracting rituals to put you in control of your financial freedom and make you the boss of your brains and your books

What exactly will you learn, you ask?


Module 1: Get Clear on Your Fears & Define Your Desires

We have to be real about our issues in order to overcome them. First, we dive in headfirst into a deeply honest self-reflection about our relationship with cash money. It’s time to identify the specific money fears and beliefs holding you back.

Lesson 1 will dig into…

  • Identifying your limiting beliefs—and how each one is positively or negatively impacting your income.
  • Being frank about your fears—and exactly why they’re so hard to shake (financial trauma is real!).
  • Dissecting each of your financial mishaps so they know where they came from–and how they’ve impacted your relationship with money.
  • The unique way money shame shows up in your business and the sneaky little ways it’s holding you back.
  • Exercises to help you face it all head-on—so you know exactly what you’re working with.


Module 2: Rewire Your Brain to Bring in the Bucks

You’re crystal clear on your fears–now what? First of all, you can forgive yourself for feeling the way you do about money! The truth is you’ve held your negative beliefs for so long your brain filters out anything that doesn’t align with your views. Lesson 2 will teach you all about how to re-write your subconscious mind to adopt a more positive money mindset (for good!).

Lesson 2 covers…

  • What your RAS is and exactly how it works to fill your bank account or break it-and how to wire your brain in a way that makes it work for you.
  • How to retrain your brain to get out of negative thought patterns around money–for good.
  • How to create a consistent, mindful “money mindset” practice that you’ll actually want to stick to (and actually see results from!)
  • Why and how to be gentle with yourself—forgiveness is part of the process and we’re going to go there.


Module 3: Release with Ease so You Can Open Up to Receive

You can’t re-stock your fridge if it’s full of rotting veggies, right? Receiving more money works the same way–we have to get rid of the old to make way for the new! Now that we’ve identified what’s holding you back and started to retrain your brain to love (and not fear!) Money, Lesson 3 will teach you how to let go of the clutter that’s taking up space in your life–space where financial abundance could be! When you clear out what’s no longer meant for you mentally, emotionally, and physically you’ll make room for abundance to flourish.

Lesson 3 digs into…

  • How to declutter to open up space for abundance—it’s time to make room in your brain, bedroom and boardroom (or home office) for money-positive things, thoughts and habits.
  • Owning and healing your past money mistakes–and finally extending grace to yourself around your green.
  • Letting go of even the worst financial experiences—even if they involved others or were totally out of your control.
  • Taking stock of your space so you know exactly what’s longer serving you in your personal and business life–plus how to gain the courage to chuck it out for good.
  • Using Emotional Freedom Technique and hypnosis to heal deep-seated money beliefs at a subliminal level (this is how you get rid of beliefs that you just can’t shake, or that you don’t even know you have!)
  • What to do if you have extensive fear or need more help “getting over” your money stuff–this isn’t a one-and-done process and I’m revealing all my practical tools & techniques.


Module 4: Kiss Bad Money Habits Goodbye & Create New Abundance-Attracting Rituals

Once you’ve come face to face with your money fears and shown them the door, you’ve officially made space to invite the abundance you’ve been working for. But… how exactly do you do that? Lesson 4 is packed with healthy manifestation rituals and practical money-management advice that’ll put you fearlessly in control of your cash. One major limiting belief that stops CEOs from stepping into their next level financially is the idea that they “don’t know how” to manage their money. Lesson 4 will help you determine your CEO mindset and routines so you can feel empowered around money–like the boss you are.

In Lesson 4, we’ll cover…

  • Why you need to start tracking every penny—and how to do it–if you want to feel the abundance already surrounding you.
  • A “humbling” daily practice that’ll keep you grounded and help you see (on paper!) how much your money mindset is expanding.
  • The connection between language & money–because when you speak the universe listens, and so does your brain!
  • How to set inspiring financial goals–and smash them with more ease than you thought possible.
  • Top CEO-approved techniques for staying on top of finances—in a way that you actually look forward to (heck yes!)
  • Cultivating a healthier relationship with money—in a way that keeps it flowing into your life without a hitch.
  • Overcoming guilt around earning great money once & for all—because you really do deserve the wealth you desire.

Shawna Roch

Shawna is a Mindset & Sales Success Coach, Founder of the Aligned Selling Method, she is also a Speaker, Author, and Real Estate Investor dedicated to helping you overcome your fear of selling so that you can confidently sell your products, programs, or services in a way that feels as easy as having a conversation.  She is an Advanced Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer, Certified Universal Laws Coach, Certified in Numerology, and Certified Level II Usui Reiki Practitioner.

Shawna is dedicated to making an impact and helping others by sharing her knowledge from the past 25+ years of experience in Sales and Marketing from dominating in a male industry as a top salesperson year after year, and generating millions of dollars in revenue, she shares with you how to achieve your version of success by embracing “selling is serving”. 

It’s Time to Kick Fear to the Curb & Welcome True Wealth Into Your Life, the CEO Way

Let’s be honest: This money mindset work isn’t easy. (Hey, it is called work after all.)

But it’s also an incredible, radical act of courage. It takes bravery and tenacity to tackle your money mistakes and cash-related trauma and triggers head on.

But by engaging in this one radical act, you’ll walk away with more than you probably ever thought possible.

Just imagine…

  • Your DMs overflowing with clients who are willing and excited to pay for your coaching, courses or digital products (and you feel like you actually deserve it!)
  • Rewiring your brain so you think positive thoughts about money naturally–and therefore attract prosperity into your life in a way that reflects in your actual bank balance
  • Clearing out everything that no longer serves you and leading a more fulfilling, stress-free and abundant work and financial life
  • Kicking bad financial habits for good, feeling confident in your financial finesse (aka: taking control of your cash) and magnetically manifesting sustainable, steady piles of cash!
 … and so much more.

Happy customers

Shelley Hagen

Real Estate Investor 

Shawna is an excellent facilitator/trainer and a wealth of knowledge

She has had a lot of life experience to draw upon to help her help her students. I find that she has a way about her which makes everyone feel comfortable, connected and welcome to participate and express their ideas and questions. She takes time to address each person involved to ensure that everyone has their questions addressed

Cara Marshall 

Your Soul Friend

Thank you Shawna

When I signed up for ASM I was very excited to get the chance to learn from Shawna. I knew she was an expert in Selling and I have always been drawn to her enthusiasm, kindness, and desire to help people.  I felt it was an opportunity for me to really dive into my business. Shawna was able to deliver a program that illuminated a new way of connecting with 'selling philosophies'...bringing it into alignment with my business. 

After taking her program I am clear on my what, why, and how. I am able to move forward and grow my business with the clarity I need to serve/sell in alignment with me. Thank-you Shawna.

Pamela Lynch

Scared Writing Expert 

I highly recommend Shawna Roch as your Mindset & Sales Success Coach.

 Her approach to selling is unique, practical and fun, and her devotion to your success helps you shift whatever is in the way of selling. Shawna guides you through her step-by-step program, combining lessons with practice sessions for you to learn to embrace and enjoy the sales conversations with your prospective clients. Selling is Serving is the perfect mantra for the Aligned Selling Method."

What makes me unique

Over the past several years, I dove deep into self-mastery, I became a Jack Canfield - Advanced Certified Success Principles Trainer, while learning the skills for website design, sales pages, sales funnels, email marketing, social media strategies, Facebook Advertising, business pages, branding, content creation, videos and so much more… And now I get to share what has worked for me and everything I wish I had known, mistakes, and triumphs to help you. 

money back
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

This course is backed by my 100% guarantee. If you feel it does not help you in any way to build a better, more satisfying business, simply email me for a fast, courteous refund.


Colleen Bruce

Personal Coach

Your amazing energy, compassion, understanding and knowledge of what we are wanting to accomplish in our businesses is outstanding. Thank you so much!" 

" Shawna, as you are aware I've done more than my share of programs to help develop my business and honestly your program is the first one that I really wanted to commit to showing up and doing the work all the time. You deliver the content professionally but never boring or condescending, you ensure that the growing & learning experience is valuable and still fun. 

Eric Jackier

Coach, Author, Speaker, Success Principles Trainer

Shawna, I can't thank you enough

If you want to learn to master the sales process in a way that is not only effective but comfortable and genuine you will never find a better coach than Shawna.  I guarantee that if you trust Shawna and follow her process, you will improve as a sales professional in ways you never thought possible.

Michelle Den Boer

Wellness Mentor

Shawna is an amazing Mindset & Sales Success Coach

Shawna has a way of breaking down the sales process into bite-size pieces that come together so simply. You are changing your mindset around the idea of selling. I always felt icky at the thought. During the program, I learned that what I am offering has value to really make a difference in someone's life. As I am having a conversation with a person and sharing my talent. Shawna has a way of believing in you and helping you believe in yourself. She has made me excited to share my membership and began getting members.

Will these changes happen overnight? Of course not. 

We’re not talking about waving a magic wand to make life perfect.

This course is about making small changes to your mindset that eventually will have a cumulative effect that leads to more financial abundance and business growth.

Join me inside and step-by-step, I’ll help you to take charge of your wealth mindset and invite it to grow–without guilt, shame or a nagging feeling that it’s all going to disappear somehow.

If you truly want to become a wealthy CEO who is as confident about their cash as they are about their craft, I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

I can’t wait to see your cup overflow with abundance.

Ready to become a wealthy CEO?

$397 CAD

Shawna Roch is a distinguished Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, and Thought Leader with a wealth of experience spanning 25 years in the HVAC Industry. Her impressive background includes serving as the Western Canadian Marketing Manager for one of Canada's largest Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing Wholesalers for 5 years. Following this, she achieved remarkable success in residential and commercial sales for over 20 years, specializing in various areas such as chillers, cooling towers, pumps, rooftop units, project management, controls, and residential equipment sales.

Shawna's sales acumen has consistently placed her in the top 1% year after year, generating millions of dollars in revenue. She is passionate about sharing her expertise and insights on achieving personal success through the powerful philosophy of "selling is serving."

As the Founder of the Expert Edge Sales and Communications Training Program, Shawna is dedicated to equipping individuals with the necessary skills, tools and knowledge to attain outstanding sales results. With her program, she empowers others to gain a competitive edge and reach their unique definitions of success.