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Aligned Selling Inner Circle

12 Month Membership

I would love to continue on this journey with you which is why I created the Aligned Selling Inner Circle - Starting September 14th

The #1 thing people struggle with after taking a program is time to implement and practice their new skill.  

I have asked several people on a scale of 1-10 how confident do you feel about selling now?  Most people say between 6-8.

When I asked what it would make to make it a 10?  

- Practicing comes up over and over as #1 

I know I have been there, that is why I am offering you the time & support to practice through monthly workshops and the chance to continue learning and practice what you learned over the past 12 weeks..  No more getting stuck and staying stuck, just ASK, ASK, ASK during these monthly calls I am offering you. 

Hosted by Me  Shawna Roch

what's inside the aligned selling inner circle 


  • 1 - 60 min. Coaching Call 2nd Wednesday of each month - Hot Seat Call ask me anything share your wins, blocks, questions, and areas for support to gain feedback directly from Shawna (2nd Wednesday of each month @ 11AM MST / 1PM EST)


  • 1 - 90min Workshop 4th Wednesday of each month - Practice what your learned in the Aligned Selling Method Program, implement & Take Action - (4th Wednesday of each month @ 11AM MST / 1PM EST)


  • Private Inner Circle Facebook Group 

No more feeling like you are all alone figuring it out! 

Come with your questions prepared monthly or if you are not sure what to ask, that's ok come anyway and listen to what the others in the group are asking, we learn from each other. 

Image how your life will change & the impact on your business if you had the time to practice what you have learned.

Monthly workshops will be a continuation from what you have already learned in the Aligned Selling Method Program. You will have an opportunity to practice mastering your sales conversation as well as learn a few new things.

Feel free to let me know what you would like to work on and mastermind over and we will make sure your needs are met.

Your 12 Month Investment to come Play with us!

We are starting on September 14th

12 monthly payments



Much love,

Over the years, I dove deep into self-mastery, I am an Advanced Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer, Certified Universal Laws Coach, Certified in Numerology and Certified Level II Usui Reiki Practitioner.  All while learning the skills for website design, sales pages, sales funnels, email automations, social media strategies, Facebook Advertising, business pages, branding, content creation, videos and so much more…  And now I have the pleasure of sharing all of this and my 25+ years of Sales and Marketing what has worked for me, and everything I wish I had known, mistakes and triumphs to help you.

I Believe In You, I Believe In Your Success! 

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