Your Aligned Power Code

For those who are ready to reclaim and ignite their power!  

We all have a unique Aligned Power Code, and we all have the power within for limitless possibilities.  Learn your code today!.

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do you know how powerful you are?

Meet the Person You Were Born to Be!

A Journey Into Your Limitless Potential

The one thing that completely changed my journey was understanding that my power could be understood through my own unique code.  That was the thing that completely changed the direction of my life. I could see through my Code who I am at a deeper level, why I am the way I am, I finally understood my purpose and I understand how I can help and support others.

I invite you to change your journey!

I invite you to understand how powerful you are, why you are here and what your purpose is.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up


  • Learn how to be in alignment with your power code today and activate your inner power source so that you can navigate chaos and uncertainty with confidence and clarity.


  • Your Personal Guide to Igniting Your Power, a  12-16 page intuitively crafted report.  Perfect to keep going back to when you are wanting that reassurance of who you are and your purpose.  This report is created lovingly prior to our session
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  • A 1 hour recorded call with me for a channeled delivery of the information.
  • Who is this for

    • You have given your power away and may not even know it
    • You are done playing the victim
    • You are done self-sabotaging
    • You are ready to let go of others’ opinions
    • You are ready to reclaim your power
    • You want your life to have meaning and purpose
    • You are ready to build a powerful business

    What you will discover

    • Your potential power, your gifts
    • Activate your potential power
    • Reclaiming your power is about being your whole self, your true self with pride
    • You are safe to explore who you are
    • When you are in alignment with your purpose, you are powerful
    • See your vision for the future and know you can do it!

    Thanks for a wonderful experience, Shawna!!

    I spent an hour tonight with Shawna Roch learning about my Power Numbers, and it was crazy!!!! I am absolutely blown away by all the information, how much it resonated with me, and how very seen I felt! It's something amazing when it's explained and you can say, "Oh, that's really real!! That's really me!" When you have been wondering if it's you or a coping mechanism or something else, lol! I'm going to read that regularly to remind myself!! Thanks for a wonderful experience, Shawna!! I'm super grateful!!! 

    Addy Kujawa Entrepreneur

    I had Shawna Roch do you my power code, absolutely worth every penny, I read through it completely tonight and what I realize is I wish I would’ve had it 20 years ago!

    However, now was the right time, now is the perfect time. It revealed to me that I am on the right path I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

    And I understand now why I often need evidence. I understand so much about myself from doing this! Thank you so much Shawna Roch!

    Echo Pelster - Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

    Ignite your personal power Code with Shawna was absolutely amazing. I loved every minute of it and learned so much!
    I highly recommend getting your personalized power code done by Shawna to provide clarity on your personal path to success.
    It was so enlightening and really provided a deeper meaningful understanding of why we do what we do. Freedom is my Word this is what I seek and what I teach so when my personal power mantra was so on point I was absolutely shocked. When I transform knowledge into a higher calling and commit to sharing it with others I will experience true freedom! Wow just wow!

    Tracey Watts Cirino - #1 international best selling author and speaker

    Mindset & Sales Success Coach

    Founder of the Aligned Selling Method

    Shawna Roch

    About Me

    Over the years, I dove deep into self-mastery, I am a Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer, Certified Universal Laws Coach, Certified in Numerology and Certified Level II Usui Reiki Practitioner.  All the while learning the skills for social media strategies, website design, sales funnels, email marketing, Facebook Advertising, business pages, branding, content creation, videos and so much more…  And now I have the pleasure of sharing all of this and my 25+ years of Sales and Marketing what has worked for me, and everything I wish I had known, mistakes and triumphs to help you.

    I Believe In You, I Believe In Your Success! 

    Your Aligned Power Code

    Lean How to Activate Your Potential Power!

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